I am a member of an organization called VetTix where they will often have free tickets available to members to go to sporing events, concerts and other local events. I have been a member for about 2 years but never requested any of the tickets they had available. So when some MMA fights came up on the site in Colorado Springs, I figured why not.

It was freezing outside and the line for will call (where i had to pick up my tickets) went out the door. Finally me and my friends Jared got inside and picked up our tickets. They were nothing to crazy for seats but the world arena is not that big so you get a decent view from just about anywhere in the place. It was entertaining to go but the fight card was not that great. Most of the fights went to a decision with only about a few submissions. No KOs or TKOs. Most of the fights felt like it was wrestler V.S Striker and the wrestler would land several take downs but could not advance past the guard.


I still enjoy the sport and the experience of a live event so that always helps. Had that been something I was just watching on TV i would have been really disappointed in the event. IMG_3813

If you are a veteran then you really need to sign up fora membership with VetTix. Use my referral link by clicking HERE or use my referral code 50403 so i can get credit for you signing up. Check out some more pictures from the event below. Some video footage will be in an episode of the Chaos Vlog so be sure to check that out when its available.

IMG_3814 IMG_3815



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