WWE Smackdown (11-3-15)

Me and the girlfriend had a great time at Tuesdays taping of WWE Smackdown. Im an old school WWF fan from back in the day while my girlfriend is the real fan here. Its fun to go and see the show but she is the one that i realIMG_5881ly do this for. This makes our 3rd time being at a televised WWE show. 4 total shows together and 5 for me since I got to attend a “For The Troops” WWE show in Iraq. Each show that ive taken her to i have managed to up the view each time. First show was a house show and we were on the first level with a decent view. Next was our first televised show for Smackdown and we were on the first level but centered on the ring. Then the next Smackdown we were on the floor in row 5 from the ring. This time we were in row 3 from the ring. Maybe next one i can manage to get my hands on row 1. It was a little bit of a bummer that more superstars were not IMG_6022there. A lot of the main characters were on there way to Europe for the upcoming WWE shows that are going on there. So some of the main Divas and the WWE Champion Seth Rollins were not there. This Episode of Smackdown will air on Thursday on SYFY. We were seated on the side of the arena that had the cameras so we might not make much of an appearance in the crowd. ┬áSide note, that was a good area to be in. Since the cameras are on that side the wrestlers usually talk to that side of the crowd more for the cameras and direct the action in that direction plus people are not allowed to have signs in that section so they don’t block the cameras. So it was nice to not have some person in front of up holding up there big ass sign every time someone looks there way and block our view of the action. Check out some of the pictures from the event below. You can click an image to enlarge. There will also be some video in the up coming vlog as well.





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