Christmas card photo shoot

This will mark the second year that me and my girlfriend have created our own Christmas cards to send out to our family and close friends. This year we headed out in the snow and up to a nice local area called Garden of The Gods. It started to snow early in the morning but then stopped, so we hit the road to try and get some good pics before it started snowing again. It was not too crowded at first but after about 20 minutes more people started to show up and began to make it more difficult to get a good shot without anyone else in the pic. After about 30 minutes it began to snow so we called it quits. We got some good shots. We are only sharing the picture that will be on the card with those receiving the card for now. The Christmas card might show up in my vlog on Christmas but for now its just for the special people getting the costume Christmas card. Here are some of the photos that turned out well that are not being used on the card that I will share though. All the pictures were taken by me (camera on a tripod with a timer) and then color corrected in photoshop. Click an image to enlarge.



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