Fort Carson Spartan Race (Day 1) 14 MAY 2016

Day 1 at the Fort Carson Spartan race. Captured a lot of photos of the action. Over 1,000 to be exact. I scrubbed through them to find the best ones. If you see yourself or someone you know, be sure to share this article. Also feel free to right click and save it you like. Share away. This video will be coming soon and will be made up of the highlights that i captured from both days. That video will be made available at soon.  Check out the photo gallery below. Click an image for a better view.




  1. Tony Klitch

    These are great; thank you! My comment though is that only about half of the pictures are loading for me. I’ve tried Chrome, Explorer, and Safari with similar results. I’m not sure why they’re corrupt but it’s the same for the Day 2 photos.

    • Christopher Chaos
      Christopher Chaos

      Thanks for checking out the photos. Im not sure why they would not be loading on your end. Might just have been a bad connection to the site. I just now checked out the site from a computer on a different internet than the one I posted it to and also check on my phone and was able to see all the pictures. Let me know if you continue to have issues with viewing the photos and if needed I can create an alternate way to view them. Thanks.

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