Day Nine

This was the last day of vacation. I don’t count flying home so this is really the last day. We got up and ate breakfast that my dad made and then had to make some rounds to say our good byes. We hit the road by noon and were on our way to Las Vegas. 

We made it to Vegas in good time. I had reserved a basic room at New York New York since it was really just a room to get some rest before or flight. The front desk was really nice and actually upgraded us to a better room way up on the 31 floor. 

We checked in and got some dinner at a place down the street on the strip called Diablos. They had really good wings. 

After dinner we just went back to the room so I could edit my vlog and then get some rest before our flight in the morning. 

….and that is how we ended our 2016 Chaos Vacation. 



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