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This website is a place where I can share info about myself and things i’m interested in. The articles may not contain the best grammar or 100% spelling accuracy, but I never claimed to be a great writer. I’m just shooting from the hip sometimes to get my opinion out there. That’s me. If you want something that is well written then maybe you have come to the wrong site. If you just want someones honest opinion about something where they just typed it out as it came from the brain and did not spend hours proof reading and going over the grammar, then maybe this is the site for you. Stick around, I’ve got some cool shit to share.   

About Christopher Chaos

Christopher Chaos was born Christopher Bandini in Bishop, CA. He joined the US Army in 1999 and went on to serve almost 11 years in the military with two tours to Iraq. Chris would create his video production company, Chaos Productionz in 2005 while he was still in the Army. It would start with creating various types of internet videos before starting production on a full length documentary in 2010. Chris would receive an education in television and radio from Pikes Peak Community College in 2012. In the same year his video production name would be changed from Chaos Productionz to Mayhem Factory and release its first documentary, “Finding Nemeth: The Brian “Scoop” Nemeth Story.  He currently continues to create content for Mayhem Factory, Local Soundcheck, ChristopherChaos.com and YouTube while he works as a military simulations instructor full time.

“We need Chaos in our life to discover what we are doing wrong and start doing things right. It might have been Chaos that caused you to get knocked down, but you had to get knocked down to learn how to get back up again. You can think of Chaos as the reason you got knocked down, but it should also be the reason you got back up.”  – Christopher Chaos

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Chaos Productionz: (now Mayhem Factory): Founder

Mayhem Factory: Founder/ Owner

Local Soundcheck.com: Co-founder/ Owner


Thank You, Good Night: A Farewell to InElements – Producer/ Director/ Editor

NSD Presents: The Fourth Annual Mardi Gras – Director/ Editor

Finding Nemeth: The Brian Scoop Nemeth Story – Producer/ Director/ Editor

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Fall From Silence:  Live 11.22.2016

Ineliments: Post Stress (CS Indy Awards 2013)

Sanguine Addiction: Various songs

Habitual: Live from Colorado Springs City Auditorium

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2017 Fort Carson Spartan Race (Sprint)

2017 Fort Carson Spartan Race (Super)

Sunshine Studios Live Feature (Feature for LocalSoundcheck.com)

2016 Fort Carson Spartan Race (Mayhem Factory Video)

Featured Artist: Inelements (Feature for LocalSoundcheck.com)

Eric Maloney: Cassie (Music Video)

Inelements: The Warning (Music Video)

Native Sound Denver: White Noise (Feature)

Sanguine Addiction: The Next Chapter (Feature)

Sanguine Addiction: Subjugated (Music Video)

Sanguine Addiction: Subjugated Acoustic (Music Video)

Make U Dance: The Dream (Promo)

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