• Lets talk about 2018

    For this episode i kick off the new year with this all new show. I talk about some of what ill be doing on my YouTube channel as well as answer question that were from the live show on topics such as green card holders joining the Army, weapons i used in the Army, how […]

  • ChaosCast (EP2) My Army Story

    Looking to get back to the podcasts so for this episode im sharing the story of my 10 year in the United States Army. I talk about why i joined, what it was like being in during 9/11, what it was like being deployed to Iraq and more.

  • ChaosCast (EP1) lets talk music

    Here is episode 1 of the Christopher Chaos podcast (Chaos cast). For this first run I am joined by my friend Mark Erck to talk music. So we talk about different bands, how we got interested in metal, live shows and much more. Enjoy.