Intel skull PC


This new PC by Intel looks cool but comes with a large price tag that makes me thing its cool but maybe not $1,000 cool. Intel wants to sell this as a compromise to buying a PS4 or Xbox One. Which sounds like a good idea. Just install steam, download some awesome PC games and plug in a USB controller or even an Xbox controller and there you go. Some gamers might not be to interested though. The PC, named “Skull Canyon” comes with an i7 but some gamers might not like that it only has a  Iris Pro graphics 580 for its graphics card. That might be fine for some games like Minecraft and some other but then why spend $650 on this when you could just get an Xbox or PlayStation for less and play the higher graphics games. You could chose to use an external graphics card like an NVIDIA GTX 970 so you can meet the requirements of VR like the Oculus or HTC Vive, but now you are looing to spend over $1000.  So while it looks cool, its slim enough to tuck away in the living room with an entertainment system, its quite pricy. That just my opinion though. What are your thought. Is it worth it?




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