Is GameStop lieing to you?

GameStop’s “Circle of Life” program

I’ve just recently learned about this thing that GameStop is encouraging their employees to do and actually punishing them for not doing it. Apparently Gamestop wants stores to sell more used games and products rather than new games.  Possibly because GameStop makes much more profit off you buying their used games than they do when you buy a new game. Along with this system called the “Circle of Life” program, employees are lying to customers to get them to buy a used game rather than a new one.

I want Resident Evil 7

Recently I decided I wanted to to get the new Resident Evil 7 for the PlayStation 4 so i could try it out with PlayStation VR.  The game came out on January 24th and it wasn’t until the 29th that I decided id try to get a copy. One GameStop location i went to told me they were sold out but had heard that another store in town might still have some. So the next day i gave that store a call and they told me they only had one left and it was a preowned copy. I thought it was weird being less than a week since the game came out and there was already a used copy available, but it was most likely someone who just beat the game and did not want to keep it or someone that just did not like the game. So I just decided id get the used copy, no big deal. They still sold it for $49.99 compared to a new copy for $59.99, so I guess I saved $10.

Was I lied to?

Now we skip to 4 days since I bought my preowned copy and I hear news about this  “Circle of Life” program that GameStop is doing to encourage the employees to push preowned copy’s over new copy’s. This gets me thinking, did they have some new copy’s left and just wanted to push the used copy instead? So I called the the same location that sold me the used copy just to see if they had Resident Evil 7 on the PS4 in stock. When I called this time they told me yes, we have several copy’s in stock. Now its very possible that they received a new shipment since I was there 4 days ago, but after hearing about the  “Circle of Life” program it also makes me question if they had new copy’s even when I came in but wanted to get rid of the preowned copy they had to help that stores numbers for preowned sales.

Your thoughts

What do you think? Also be sure to watch this video below because it actually talks about the program much better than I do. I just wanted to share my “possible” first hand experience with this controversial program.

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