She’s in labor

Day one of my vacation and we are getting right to business. We were hoping for a July 4th baby. 

After work on Thursday we had dinner. While we were having dinner is when Jessie started to really feel different. 

At about 10pm or so we went to bed but she was struggling to sleep as the contractions were getting a little stronger. After an hour or so of her tossing and turning she decided to try sleeping on the couch. Well, that did not really work and by 2am her contractions were even worse. 

So she woke me up and called the doctor. The doctor said to go ahead and come to the hospital. We showed up and there was this really nice security lady that helped us and got us a wheelchair for Jessie. I may have crashed the wheelchair into the wall a couple times as I was also trying to vlog. 

When they checked her out she was 3 centimeters dilated and I was worried they were going to send us home. However, since her last appointment she was 1 cm dilated, they decided to admit her.

So they moved us to a room, got her all set up with med and everything and wait till she is dilated enough to start trying to push the baby out.



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